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Unique Entry with two Wall-Lanterns from the 'Rheinland'-Series (No.6146) and one matching ceiling-lantern. All Lanterns and the doorbell ringer are painted in 'Rusty, Old-Iron-Effect'Zoom
Mid-sized pedestal lantern from the 'Provence' Lighting Series.Zoom
Unique 5-Crown-Cluster Lantern. Similar to Model No. 1385 BB2 from our 'Baden-Baden' Lighting Series.Zoom
Two-Crown-Cluster Lantern 'City' (No. 1992 M3) combined with bollards (No.560) and one bollard with an attached trash can (Nr.559).Zoom
Matching Lights beside the entry door and on the path. Both from our 'Gutshaus' Series.Zoom
A beautiful illuminated entrance with a 5-crown-cluster garden lantern (No.2485 BB1) and a matching wall lantern (No.2439 BB1) next to the door.Zoom
Two types of lanterns close to each other. Wall lanterns with bracket on the door-sides, flat wall lanterns to lighten the wall.Zoom
6-Crown-Cluster Streetlantern in front of City Hall.Zoom
Streetlantern No. 1549 from our 'Aktuell' Series.Zoom
Five-Crown-Cluster Lantern No. 1995Zoom
Wall Lantern 'Landhaus', Modell No. 1405.Zoom
Beautifully illuminated at night with this arched Terrace Lantern from the 'Provence' Series. (No.2144)Zoom
Diese Medium sized street lantern has two signs as waymarkers.Zoom
Lantern No. 5162 M6 from the 'Westfalen'-SeriesZoom
Two pedestal lanterns from our 'Landhaus' series (No.1460) and a 3-crown-cluster streetlantern illuminate this gate at night.Zoom
Wall Lantern No.8414 CH0 from our 'Romantik' Lighting Series.Zoom
Wall Mailbox '1519 H' with an additional Newspaperroll and casted text on the throw-in slot. Zoom
Large 5-Crown-Cluster Lantern from our lighting series 'City'.This one is similar to Art.No. 1495 M3. Some details like the brackets can be changed upon request.Zoom
5-crown-cluster Gardenlantern from our 'Anno 1900' Series. This lantern features additional crown decor elements. These are optional.Zoom
Dahlhaus lights are great for indoor decoration as well.Zoom
Doorbell: No. 452-1
Wallsign: No. 453 Z
Wall Lantern: No. 6147Zoom
Wall Lantern 'Rheinland' No. 6106Zoom
3-crown cluster Lantern 'Anno 1900', Custom made Mailbox and Housnumberplate No. 511Zoom
Large 3-Crown-Cluster Old-City Lantern. Here with yellow glass.Zoom
Hanging Wall-Lantern 'City'Zoom
Wall Lantern 1917 'City' mounted on a corner-bracket.Zoom
3-Crown-Cluster Lantern Type 'Landhaus'Zoom
Wall Lantern 'Aktuell' Nr. 1558 with an additional corner-bracket.Zoom
Large 4-Crown-Cluster Old-City-Lanterns surrounding a typical German marketplace.Zoom
Three Crown Cluster Lantern, see Order No. 1893 for Details.
Various crown ornaments available. Uses impact resistant Plexiglass.Zoom
Two-Crown Cluster Globe-Lantern. Zoom
5-Crown-Cluster Lantern from the 'Rheinland' series (Order No: 6565) as a classic light-source inside a beautiful garden.Zoom
Custom made Globe-Lantern with 5-Crown cluster. This model is based upon Art.No.1200. Different brackets are optional.Zoom
This is the large version of our 'Classic' series. Zoom
Pedestal Lantern 'Rheinland'Zoom
Wall Lantern 'Rheinland' No. 6107 as a small entrance lantern.Zoom
Wall lantern Anno1900 P1Zoom
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