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A small wall lantern with extra short distance to wall and a traditional mailbox (No. 1519)Zoom
Two-crown-cluster lantern No. 5162 M6 from our lighting series 'Westfalen'Zoom
Two wall lanterns (No.6106) illuminate this entry which as well has a doorbell button from Dahlhaus.Zoom
Lantern Modell 1062 P2 with additional ladder stays.Zoom
Two small wall lanterns beside the door.Zoom
Large wall lantern 'Aktuell' on a historic wall.Zoom
3-flame cluster lamp 'Rheinland-Maxi' completely in white.Zoom
Terrace Lantern 'Baden-Baden', Model BB2 on a cast iron lamppost.Zoom
Panoramic view of our great showroom with lots of handmade lighting fixtures.We are looking forward to seeing you in Ennepetal.Zoom
Old City Lantern from our 'City' series in Black, Copper & Gold Patina.Article Number: 1991 M3.Zoom
Terrace Lantern 'Baden-Baden' 5183 BB1.Zoom
Wall Lanterns from our 'Anno 1900' seriesHere you see Art.No. 241 P1.Zoom
Custom Wall-Lantern 'Aktuell'This one has a special bracket and an extra reflective plate inside.Zoom
A significant lantern marksthis path and gives plentyof light at night-time.Old City Lantern Nr. 2485 BB1See at page 'Baden-Baden'Zoom
Medium sized, two-arm street lantern. Modified with additionally installed streetsign and house number plate at the entrance to the house.Lantern from the series 'Landhaus'Zoom
Terrace Lantern from our 'Rheinland' series (Custom made modell)Zoom
Old City Lantern (Art. 1550) with LED Lighting-ModuleZoom
Six beautiful garden chairs (Art. 411) around a large table (custom made). Color: black, copper and gold patinaZoom
Custom version from our lighting series Provence with corner bracket and short distance to wall.Zoom
A completely lit up house frontcan be implemented fast.Here for example withthree wall lanterns fromthe series 'Landhaus'Zoom
Old-City-Lantern 'Classic' (Art. No.: 1352)Zoom
Foreground: Old City Lantern 'City'Background: Vintage Street Clock (Order Nr.: 1500)Zoom
Two-Crown Streetlantern from the 'Aktuell' series.Click for a similar modell.Zoom
Bogen Lantern with flexible height. See more detailsZoom
Bistro Lantern with five globes.A beautiful table for your next garden party. See more detailsZoom
Large 5-cluster Lantern 'Classic' (Nr. 1352) at the German Castle DrachenburgZoom
A wonderful sight at night!Made with Dahlhaus Lighting.Zoom
Dahlhaus Interior LightingAs you can see from this picture, Dahlhaus lighting fixtures can even be used inside.Zoom
Old City Lantern 1363 'Berlin Aktuell'.Winter impressions with Dahlhaus Lighting.Picture taken in Drolshagen, Germany.Zoom
A great combination of different sized lantern.Small Wall Lantern beside the door and a large Old City Lantern in front of the house.(Order-Nr. 1973, Type 'City')Zoom
A beautiful entranceWall Lantern: 'Rhineland'Numberplate, Order-No. 403: 'Signs'Mailbox, Order-No. 1522: 'Mailboxes'Zoom
Streetlantern.Order.-No. '1262from 'Landhaus' seriesOther articles at this picture :Wall Lantern: 'Mini-Boulevard'Numberplate: '403'Wall-Mailbox: '1522'Zoom
Decorative five-arm Historic City lantern.As eyecatcher and central point point for small and medium sized squares and yards.Lantern from the series: 'City',Order-No. 1995Zoom
Street Lantern LandhausMailbox '1626 A'Zoom
Streetlantern from our 'Anno 1900' series, Modell 1018 P3Zoom
Decorative Pedestal Lamp.Part number 1453 from thelighting series 'Landhaus'Zoom
Two-arm city lantern from the series'Aktuell'. Great for historical citycenters, or as shown on the picture in front of a half-timbered house.You will find more pictures onthe page of the series 'Aktuell'Zoom
Tall, five-arm city lantern.From the series 'Aktuell'Zoom
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