Ceiling Lantern

Comes with 3 chain and ornamented Ceiling plate.
Height: 113cm, Width: 35cm
US$ 1.150,00*
112 B

Coach Lantern

Solid cast aluminium coach lantern style lighting fixture.
Height: 52cm, Width: 19cm, Depth: 18cm
US$ 662,00*

Glass for Light-Bollard

Replacement glass for the large Light-Bollard (No. 414 P1)
Height: 11,5cm
US$ 216,00*

Square Shaped Doorbell Button

Square Doorbell Button with solid casted letters for your name. 10 uppercase letters are included.
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

Plastic Cylinder BB2

Replacement Plastic Cylinder for Model "Baden Baden - BB2" Diameter Top: 275mm Diameter Bottom: 170mm
Height: 24,5cm
US$ 257,00*

Plastic Cylinder BB1

Replacement Plastic Cylinder for Model "Baden Baden - BB1" Ø Top: 215mm Ø Bottom: 130mm
Height: 19,5cm
US$ 262,00*

Lock for Mailboxes

Replacement Mailbox Lock with two keys. Ready to use with most Dahlhaus Mailboxes. Ø 13mm
US$ 49,00*

Plastic Cylinder P3

Replacement Plastic Cylinder for Model "Anno1900 - P3" Ø Top: 422mm Ø Bottom: 245mm
Height: 44cm
US$ 435,00*

Plastic Cylinder P2

Spare Plastic Cylinder for "Anno1900 - P2" Ø Top: 285mm Ø Bottom: 155mm
Height: 29cm
US$ 340,00*
570 F

Weather-Vane `Plane`

Silhouette: `Vintage Airplane` Width: 39 cm Other colors upon request.
Height: 72cm, Width: 70cm
US$ 720,00*

Spare Globe 300mm

Spare opaque/white glass globe with Ø: 300 mm / 11.8' for Dahlhaus Globe-Lanterns.
Height: 29cm, Width: 30cm
US$ 292,00*

Wall Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 50cm, Width: 42cm, Depth: 34cm
US$ 1.190,00*

Plastic Cylinder P1

Spare Plastic Cylinder for "Anno1900 - P1" Ø Top: 210mm Ø Bottom: 120mm
Height: 21cm
US$ 232,00*

Antique Doorbell Button

Square Doorbell Button with an engraved Namesign inside a small frame.
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 249,00*

Glass for Light-Bollard

Replacement glass for the small Light-Bollard (No. 414 P9)
Height: 7,2cm
US$ 178,00*

Plastic Cylinder BB3

Spare Cylinder for "Baden-Baden" Type BB3 Ø Top: 14.34" Ø Base: 9.43"
Height: 37,5cm
US$ 540,00*

Spare Globe 200mm

Spare opaque/white glass globe with Ø 200 mm / 7.9' for Dahlhaus Globe-Lanterns.
Height: 20cm, Width: 20cm
US$ 189,00*

Color for repair

Dahlhaus Original Paint. Available in Black, White or Green.
US$ 38,00*

Spare Globe, Diam. 160mm

Small opaque spare glass globe for our fixtures. Diameter: 160 mm / 6.3"
Height: 16cm, Width: 16cm
US$ 95,00*

Pedestal Lantern

Height: 133cm
US$ 2.490,00*
570 M

Weather-Vane `Motorbike`

Hand painted Motorcycle with different colors upon request. Width: 21cm
Height: 70cm, Width: 70cm
US$ 720,00*

Old German Mailbox

Extremely detailed and large replica of an historic German Postal box. Used for public mail collection. [...]
Height: 80cm, Width: 49cm, Depth: 26cm
US$ 3.000,00*

Pedestal Lantern

Our Rheinland Series is a very popular choice for private homes. Available with or without crown ornaments.
Height: 94cm
US$ 1.150,00*

Wall Lantern

Height: 50cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 44cm
US$ 1.190,00*
1991 M3

Street Lantern

One of our classic fixtures. Pole length can be extended!
Height: 285cm
US$ 4.750,00*
7400 M5

Ceiling Lantern

Comes with 3 chain and ornamented Ceiling plate.
Height: 120cm
US$ 980,00*

Door handle

Beautifull ornamented door handle.
Width: 54cm, Depth: 6cm
US$ 437,00*
8492 CH2

Pedestal Lantern

Pedestal Lantern with Ornaments.
Height: 85cm
US$ 1.242,00*
1528 A

Pole Mailbox

Large Pole-Mailbox with access door in the back. Customized throw-in-slot text available.
Height: 125cm, Width: 49cm, Depth: 44cm
US$ 4.725,00*
7406 M5

Wall Lantern

Uses a very ornate wall plate that fits well in narrow places. Similar to Modell Nr. 7407 M5, that comes with [...]
Height: 60cm, Depth: 42cm
US$ 1.185,00*
1615 A

Pedestal Mailbox with Newspaper Holder

Height: 119cm, Width: 37cm
US$ 2.606,00*

Acrylic Glass Spare Globe Opaqe 250mm

Height: 26,5cm, Width: 25cm
1525 A

Vintage Wall Mailbox

Traditional Wall mailbox with Newspaper holder, made of cast aluminium with an extra wide throw-in slot [...]
Height: 54cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 19cm
US$ 2.040,00*
1628 A

Standalone Mailbox

Traditional Post-Mounted mailbox & Newspaper Holder. With Royal Lion motive on the door and typical Post-horn [...]
Height: 113cm, Width: 38cm, Depth: 19cm
US$ 2.481,00*
8410 CH2

Pedestal Lantern

Height: 112cm
US$ 2.030,00*


Leaf Gold Text available on the plate.
Height: 23cm, Width: 8.5cm
US$ 180,00*
1051 P1

Terrace Lantern

Small patio light from the 'Anno 1900' series. A simple and straightforward light design made from endurable [...]
Height: 210cm
US$ 1.850,00*
1524 AOK

Wall Mailbox

Wall Mailbox with beautifully detailed Post-Horn ornament on the front door. Standard Door hinges are on the [...]
Height: 39cm, Width: 38cm, Depth: 19cm
US$ 1.800,00*
1781 BB2

Terrace Lantern

Robust terraces or garden lanterns with a clear plexi-cylinder for the best illumination of the surroundiing [...]
Height: 236cm
US$ 3.290,00*

Wall Lantern

Our largest Berlin City Wall Lantern. Shown with Butzen Glass. (Available with all fixures on special [...]
Height: 108cm, Depth: 76cm
US$ 2.450,00*

Old City Lantern

Optional Crown-Pole Connection bracket adds 6.6 to crown height!
Height: 259cm
US$ 4.190,00*
414 P1


Our best selling Light Bollard. This great fixture uses either one (1) E26 socket or two (2) E14 candelabra [...]
Height: 95cm
US$ 1.281,00*
414 P2

Bollard with Horse-Head

This bollard features a very nicely detailed Horse-head.
Height: 114cm
US$ 1.337,00*

Pedestal Lantern

This small pole light is one of our highlight products. Combines great with a wall lantern from the [...]
Height: 104cm, Width: 24cm
US$ 1.050,00*
6103 M7

Flat Wall Lantern

This Half Lantern mounts flush against your wall. It is shown with a little reflective mirror on the inside [...]
Height: 43cm, Depth: 14cm
US$ 620,00*

Wall Lantern

Height: 64,5cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 46cm
US$ 1.450,00*

Vintage Sign

Height: 13cm, Width: 45cm
US$ 324,00*

Globe Lantern

Our Globes come in clear glass, white glass or impact resistant Plexiglas.
Height: 53cm
US$ 850,00*