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Baden-Baden LeuchtengrößenFlexible in shape and size
Baden-Baden lanterns are available in three different sizes, where type BB1 is the smallest and BB3 the biggest.
They are flexible with attached finials and crown decorations and can be mounted on each of our lantern poles and brackets. The BB3 can be equipped with candelabra socket clusters.
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More pictures from our Gallery:
Large custom made Lantern withparts of our Baden Baden series.( Total height 140'' )
Terrace Lantern 'Baden-Baden' 5183 BB1.
Terrace Lantern 'Baden-Baden', Model BB2 on a cast iron lamppost.
Three Crown Cluster Lantern, see Order No. 1893 for Details.
Various crown ornaments available. Uses impact resistant Plexiglass.
Unique Model from our 'Baden-Baden' series.
Wall Lantern 'Baden-Baden', Type BB2
A beautiful illuminated entrance with a 5-crown-cluster garden lantern (No.2485 BB1) and a matching wall lantern (No.2439 BB1) next to the door.
Unique 5-Crown-Cluster Lantern. Similar to Model No. 1385 BB2 from our 'Baden-Baden' Lighting Series.